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We will be targeting redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder, sheepshead, black drum, and more depending on season and client preference. Live bait, artificial, and mixed trips are all available. Our 4hr charter will generally be targeting a specific species or two due to time constraints with our 6hr giving us more of an opportunity to branch out into more styles of fishing. We will be fishing marshes, creeks, and river flats primarily with some bridge fishing depending on the target species. We have an incredible fishery in our area that we aim to capitalize on with limited time running the boat to maximize your fishing time!


4 HOURS: $450

6 HOURS: $650

8 HOURS: $950

PASSENGER COUNT: 1 - 4 people

Check out some footage from our inshore trips:






Land-based shark fishing happens on the beach! We deploy baits between100-500yds utilizing a kayak to get them out there. From there it turns into a waiting game for the fish.

FAQ's for our shark fishing excursion:

“Will you be chumming?”

No, it is illegal to chum from the beaches in NC.


“How big is the boat?”

There isn’t one. We land base shark fish so all of our baits are deployed by kayak while we fish from the comfort of the beach. 


“What is provided?”

We will have 4 rods for your grou0p. We also provide all bait and gear necessary. All you need is a CRFL for anyone who is actually wanting to get on a rod and reel to fight a fish (Coastal Recreational Fishing License). That can be purchased here:


“How many people can I bring?”

Whoever you want to bring is welcome on the beach but our angler number is generally 6 or under depending on the time of year and shark activity. 


“Am I too small or too young?”

Everyone is welcome on the beach and all ages (with guardian) and sizes are welcome to fish but we use a common sense approach to who we’re going to have contend with a shark. We have 8yr olds manage it and 30yr olds that couldn’t. It’s all about getting the right fish on the right gear for the right angler. 


6 HOURS: $500 (+ tip to the mate)

*Shark fishing requires NC Coastal Recreational Fishing License. 10 day CRFL is $5 for residents, and $10 for non-residents. You can purchase your license online here.

*Shark fishing bookings begin April 12th and go through September 30th.

Check out some footage from our shark fishing package:






Drifter Offshore also offers Captain for hire trips. Our captains have a wide variety of skills and specialties and are extremely flexible for these trips.


For-hire trips that we run include:

1. Offshore fishing on your boat

2. Inshore fishing on your boat

3. Boat driving lessons

4. Kayak or paddle board inshore fishing

5. Shore fishing

6. Surf fishing


Our crew will bring all of their own gear and bait (unless you choose to use your own), conduct a safety inspection of your vessel and take you fishing. For offshore trips, the captain will also add offshore waypoints to your chart plotter (GPS numbers) and help you tune and understand your electronics. 




*Boats must be equipped with all required safety equipment and it must be in working condition.

*Clients booking for hire trips will need an NC CRFL, as well as anyone else on board. You can purchase your license online here.

*Hourly rate does not begin until the vessel or trip is underway






We also offer eco tours on one of our inshore skiffs. These trips are four hours long and clients can expect to cruise, look for dolphins, collect seashells or just explore our local waters, beaches and islands. Swimwear is appropriate for this trip.


$400/4 HOURS

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